TLC Growth Groups (TLCGG)

TLC Growth Groups (TLCGG) are special cell church services that meet each Sunday in various communities and at various locations. TLC members, visitors and friends don't meet in a church building as most churches do. We take ministry to the people and meet at cafes, homes, retirement villages, hospitals, you name it. Host locations use broadband internet connections to download and participate in each TLCGG service. Any TLC member can organize and host a TLC Growth Group service at their home or in their communities by letting us know of their interest and participating in our TLC Growth Group Training. [Learn more]


TLC Merge (First Sunday Services)

On the 1st Sunday of each month we host our "Merge" TLCGG Live services. During our Merge service growth group members, visitors and friends have an opportunity to come together for a combined worship experience. We provide live streaming to TLC members and visitors from around the world and share in coordinated baptism and communion. Each community is encouraged to host a TLCGG Merge service and can do so by contacting us for online training. [Learn more]


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